WSL Big Wave Award Nominations Are In!

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Spoiler alert! Most of the nominations are from Nazaré

A year of charging monster waves across the globe, complete with death-defying wipeouts and mind-boggling drops… the word extreme doesn’t do justice to the entries of the 2017 Big Wave Awards. Clips have been streaming in for months, from Nazaré, Jaws, Maverick’s, Puerto Escondido, Shipstern Bluff, and other big wave spots maxing out. Now time’s up, and the judges have finally made their picks. The countdown to awards night begins, and we have a collection of nomination compilations for our viewing pleasure.


TAG Heuer XXL Biggest Wave Award Nominees

First up let’s check out the entries for the XXL Biggest Wave Award, arguably the most prestigious of the lot, after all, it is the Big Wave Awards. All of the nominees, bar one, are riding at Nazaré, with Kai Lenny at Jaws being the odd one out. From first impressions it looks like Sebastian Steudtner’s wave is the biggest of the five, but see for yourself…


Billabong Ride of the Year Award Nominees

Next it’s the Billabong Ride of the Year Award, rewarding surfers for pulling off a smooth ride in treacherous conditions. It’s not all about size in this roundup, and the nominations come in from California, Hawaii, Mexico, and Portugal. Billy Kemper gets himself firmly under the lip at Jaws, while Jamie Mitchell sneaks some tube time at Puerto. Then again, Francisco Porcello does manage to ride out a ginormous Nazaré bomb…



Paddle Award Nominees

Just to hammer home how most of these crazy big waves are ridden with the help of a jet ski tow-in, there’s a Paddle Award for the guys who rely on nothing more than their brute strength. Ben Andrews at Maverick’s is a solid contender, also nominated for the Billabong Ride of the Year Award. Another top pick for winner has to be Lucas Chianca at Nazaré, practically flying down a Portuguese cliff before the whitewater catches up with him….



TAG Heuer Wipeout of the Year Award Nominees 

Pain and pleasure dance together in the Wipeout of the Year Award, the painful memories for the surfer, and the pleasure of taking home a trophy! Undeniably one of the most entertaining to watch of all the nomination reels, watching a surfer eat shit simply never gets old. From Danny Griffiths going over the falls at Shipstern Bluff to Tom Lowe pulling the ejector with his signature pencil dive at Nazaré, here are five men who lived to see their suffering on the big screen!



But wait, that’s not quite everything from the 2017 Big Wave Awards. There’s also a Best Tube category and a Women’s Performance category, so if you want to see more head on over to It’s showtime on April 29th, the date of the awards ceremony when the winners will be announced. Meanwhile, if that little taster has got you frothing for more big wave action, you can watch the entries that didn’t get nominated on the WSL Big Wave Awards YouTube channel!


Kai Lenny takes a bite out of Jaws