Conlogue’s first-ever US Open CT victory & Igarashi claims back-to-back event wins!
Out of the last seven CT finals he's competed in, the Brazilian hasn't lost one!
The Brazilian rookie beat Felipe Toledo and Julian Wilson on his way to victory!
Their performance at Keramas sent them straight to the top of the WSL rankings!
The Brazilian jumps to No.2 in the rankings but Wilson keeps the Yellow Jersey!
Team Captain Jordy Smith leads his crew to victory at the Surf Ranch!
World’s best surfers and their fans sent home after men in grey suits join the lineup!
Italo wins first ever CT event against home favorite and three-time world champ Mick!
And Colapinto claims the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing to qualify for the 2018 CT!
…and that’s a wrap for the 2017 Women’s Championship Tour!
...and Paige Alms defends her trophy to win the women’s contest!
The GOAT drops by to get shacked somewhere in the Garden State!
...but John John Florence takes the No.1 spot in the rankings!
Filipe Toledo and Silvana Lima showed no mercy!
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