The Californians come out on top at Huntington Beach!
... in 20-to-25 foot surf for the first stop of the Big Wave Tour!
…and Portuguese rookie Frederico Morais went all the way to the final!
...and takes the yellow Jeep Leader Jersey off John John!
…while wildcard Yago Dora knocks out John John, Medina, and Fanning!
…and $350,000 of prize money is dished out at the 2017 WSL Big Wave Awards!
He even rang the bell before the final was over!
…and Sebastien Zietz scores the best barrel of the season so far!
…and 6X WSL Champ Stephanie Gilmore takes the Roxy Pro Trophy!
2016 was a crazy year for the WCT Title Race.  Party guys Wilko and Seabass took comps.  Slater slumped.  John John grabbed his first world…
One warm day in September, I was walking down 8th Avenue in NYC, heading to Penn Station for a train home.  I was near Port…
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