Real life hoverboard just hit the market!

Posted: Jun 16,2014 Written by  TSV


Which Flyboarding duo will be the first to get barreled at Shipsterns or Teahupo'o with one of these? Do you think Laird will purchase one and start training?

Just recently, Zapata Racing created the "Flyboard," a device that puts water jets on the feet of the rider and board.

Zapata’s new Flyboard looks like “a cross between flying and surfing and looks a little bit like a wakeboard attached to a large hose,” the Daily Mail reported. The 59-foot hose attaches to a personal watercraft (like a speed boat or JetSki), then propels the Hoverboard into the air by a powerful jet of water. The watercraft then follows the rider “giving freedom to surf amongst the waves,” the Zapata Racing website said.

This advanced surfboard can achieve speeds of up to 23 mph, statures up to 16 feet over the water and requires somebody to drive the watercraft while another person rides.

The Hoverboard could be utilized within a lake or on open water, as long as the water body is no less than 13ft. Zapata Racing requires no less than one hour of expert preperation and training on the board's controls to guarantee safety. Riders in excess of 242 pounds "may not have an ideal experience."

Surfing with a Flyboard

It will go on sale later in June for $5,850! The flying surfboard could be preordered through Rocky Mountain Flyboard.