6 Surf Podcasts Worth Listening To

6 Surf Podcasts Worth Listening To

I can’t quite remember how I got myself into surfing podcasts, but I spend hours each week listening to them now. They get me pumped on my way to the beach, help me to stay sane during extended flat spells, and keep me up to date on what’s happening in the surf community.

Not only are podcasts a great way to stay informed on what’s happening in the surfing world, but they also allow to explore hot topics more deeply than other media can. We live in a time where there is a plethora of information sources that consume only seconds of our attention, such as posts on social media. Podcasts, however, are free content that put our imagination to work and allow us to explore more complex questions, through debates where different points of views are challenged.

There are a variety of shows out there, and while some may deliver poor content, many are excellent and incredibly entertaining. I’ve quickly become an avid listener of the six podcasts below. Give them a listen on your next car ride or workout at the gym!


Surf Splendor Podcast Conversations About Surfing

SHOW: Surf Splendor

HOST: David Lee Scales


LENGTH: Usually 1h 30 to 2h 00


WHY IT’S WORTH LISTENING TO: This podcast has interesting and rich conversations with diverse individuals that shape the surfing world. David Lee Scales is a podcast professional, and this translates into the discussions he engages in with his hosts. His shows are well structured with sharp analyses and no downtime. Listening to Surf Splendor and David Lee Scales’s voice is almost as good as getting barreled!

WHERE IS IT AVAILABLE? iTunes, Stitcher, and surfsplendorpodcast.com



Swell Season NYC Surf Culture Podcast


SHOW: Swell Season

HOSTS: Ben Pomeroy and Tyler Breuer 


LENGTH: Usually about 1h 00


WHY IT’S WORTH LISTENING TO: Recorded live in NYC, this show highlights local surf news, events, and issues. Each week features a guest who shares inspiring stories and explains how he or she plays a role in the NY surf culture. If you live on the East Coast, this one is a must listen!

WHERE IS IT AVAILABLE? iTunes, Soundcloud, Sticher, and swellseasonradio.com



The Monday M.A.S.S podcast

SHOW: Monday M.A.S.S (Monday Action Sports Show)

HOST: Chris Coté


LENGTH: Usually 45 min to 1h 15


WHY IT’S WORTH LISTENING TO: Chris Coté is one of the most popular voices in surfing, skateboarding, and snowboarding. The Monday M.A.S.S is a combination of raw comments from Chris on what has happened in the surfing world, occasional interviews of his guests and athlete friends, as well as a recap of what happened in the rest of the action sports world.

WHERE IS IT AVAILABLE? iTunes, Sticher, yewonline.com



4 The Grit

SHOW: The Grit!

HOSTS: David Lee Scales and Chas Smith


LENGTH: Usually 1h 40min

FREQUENCY: Semi-monthly

WHY IT’S WORTH LISTENING TO: Chas Smith and David Lee Scales make a perfect pair. Scales brings his expertise in making surf podcasts while Smith speaks with no filter and has an opinion on pretty much anything surf related. Whether you agree with him or not, he’s not afraid to take a position like he does in the articles he writes in the surf media he co-founded: Beach Grit.

WHERE IS IT AVAILABLE? iTunes, Stitcher, and surfsplendorpodcast.com



5 Occ Cast

SHOW: Occ-Cast

HOST: Mark Occhilupo


LENGTH: Usually 30 to 45 min


WHY IT’S WORTH LISTENING TO: Occy is a former world champ and is unanimously respected in the surfing world. Having him host with the best surfers in the world as his guests makes it worth listening to.

WHERE IS IT AVAILABLE? Soundcloud, iTunes, Sticher, www.billabong.com 




SHOW: KookCast: Surf Education

HOST: Coach Chris


LENGTH: 20 min to 1 hour+


WHY IT’S WORTH LISTENING TO:  Two words: knowledge and entertainment. This podcast is full of surf tips that will benefit beginners and lifelong surfers alike. Guests that come on the show are individuals with fascinating stories and a deep connection to surfing. Coach Chris and his guests will make you a better surfer just by listening to their voices! 

WHERE IS IT AVAILABLE? Soundcloud, iTunes, Stitcher, thesurfcontinuum.com

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