The Eastern Surfing Association (ESA) kicked off its 50th anniversary ceremony at Surf Expo this past weekend by inducting its 2017 All-Star Team. Cory Lopez, a former ESA All-Star who moved up the ranks to become a professional surfer on the WSL tour, introduced the organization’s newest ambassadors to the entire surf industry. Team members exemplify the ESA’s dedication to amateur surfing competition along the east coast with their performance, volunteering and attitude.

Sunday, 15 January 2017 02:23

Real Time Swell Map Like You've Never Seen

Today the project, Ventusky, that displays weather from around the world, introduced a unique wave visualisation system. With the help of animated arcs, it shows the movement of waves in the oceans and seas across the world. The map clearly depicts how waves propagate across the water’s surface in relation to the wind. The visualisation also exposes hazards that arise in specific areas (places where the wind blows in a direction opposite of the direction of the waves, for instance).

Thursday, 15 December 2016 22:25

Dex Sunglasses

Choosing a pair of sunglasses is kind of a pain in the ass. They're like a piece of fashion that’s permanently affixed to your face whenever you’re outdoors (or 24 hours a day, if you live in LA) often times making your sunglasses the first thing that someone notices about you. Most consumers (myself included) usually have to find some sort of acceptable middle ground between style and price - often compromising the look you want for the pair you can afford. All the pairs you really like are north of $140, and are made of the same materials as the cheap ones you find at kiosks in the mall. But who seriously wants to have some generic, cheap-looking nonsense glasses adhered to your face all day?

Friday, 09 September 2016 00:22

Hurricane Hermine Brings Surf to East Coast

After all of the hype and State of Emergency Declarations in the NJ/NY area, Hurricane Hermine peacefully swung offshore, avoiding close impact for low lying coastal areas. Instead of a Labor Day weekend full of tourists and 65mph winds with rain... We saw sunny skies, offshore winds and a local summer as everyone visiting bailed before the storm. The entire East Coast recieved great swells, which lasted for days, especially New York. Here are a few hand-picked clips of what surfaced from this great swell event. More to come in our video section! 

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