Wednesday, 04 September 2013 21:45

Surfboard of the Week: The Couch Potato from Lost

The Couch Potato is meant for people who want to get out in the water and have as much fun as possible- whenever they feel like it, without the waves having to be all that great, or working too hard to score a little stoke.
Trace is a small but tough device that logs your personal stats while surfing, skating, skiing, or snowboarding. It records everything about your sessions. The waves you caught surfing and the tricks you landed skating.
Designed as the result of a lot of surfer feedback, the Pile Driver from Lost is the versatile Mini Driver shape modified to also work in smaller, weaker waves.
Tuesday, 13 August 2013 22:58

Fin Review: Jimmy Quad from Chubbies Fins

The Jimmy Quad fins from Chubbies Surf have a ton of inside foiling, a lot of volume, and are totally unique.
The Transformer surfboard is a great shape for training your airs and groveling weak waves, but it also excels at point breaks and beach breaks on good days.
Review of Kinetik Racing Company's Bruce Irons Signature Carbo Tune Quad Fins.
This week we spend some time staring at The Camel Toe, from Cory Surfboards- an unconventional, but super fast shape for small to medium waves.
The Shovel Fish, from local east coast shaper Stephen Jumper, is a super fast fishy simmons style surfboard that goes super fun in a variety of conditions.
A serious high performance surfboard shape for chest high or bigger waves. Kelly Slater's signature board.
Not just a typical grovel board. The Tombstone packs a lot of power in a smooth and unique take on the mini simmons.
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