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Tuesday, 03 November 2015 00:03

End Of October Swell In New Jersey

As New Jersey surfers checked the forecast, some believed it to be almost too good to be true. Perfect 6-8+ waves were forecasted with clean conditions. As Thursday came closer and closer, the forecast held, which had us frothing! As the sun rose on Thursday morning, the waves looked fun but not as amazing as expected. Right around lunch time the wind switched around, giving us everything we could ask for and even producing better waves than those from Hurricane Joaquin... The fun has only begun!

Monday, 12 October 2015 23:58

Men's Koda Selects by Sanuk

Step out in style with the Cavalier Collection. These stylish kicks marry all the comfort and freedom of a sandal with stylish cold weather shoe sophistication. The Koda Select features a durable vegan leather upper and a super lightweight and flexible footbed that will keep your feet smilin’ from morning to night. If you like Sanuk's Sidewalk Surfers, you'll love this new spin that features a smoothed out and cozied up spin on their classic outsole.

Friday, 09 October 2015 17:38

Handcrafted Surfboards By Mahady Surfboards

Tom gets all his supplies from Greenlight Surf Supply and makes his boards in his hometown of Wall, NJ. He makes boards that are custom fit for each rider... You name it, he will shape it. Tom has been producing high quality surfboards for over 13 years now and the quality of his boards are equivalent to those that would be hanging up on someone's wall... Each board is a work of art!

Thursday, 08 October 2015 01:20

Hurricane Joaquin In New Jersey & New York

Those living on the East Coast have once again been blessed with waves! Hurricane Joaquin originally started as a Tropical Storm but quickly formed into a Category 3 hurricane as the storm passed by the Bahamas. The orginal path of storm brought panic, due to the fact that the storm was forecasted to have landfall in New Jersey, similar to Hurricane Sandy. Luckily, Joaquin took a last minute turn out to sea which resulted in perfect waves up and down the East Coast with minimal damage.

The East Coast may have had a slow summer but the wait is now over! Nor' Easter season is upon us and the Atlantic has finally awakened. You better start preparing for some skip days from work because the fun is only starting!

Monday, 21 September 2015 23:01

Wetsox - Frictionless Wetsuit Sock

WETSOX were designed to decrease the difficulty and frustration of getting in and out of your cold water gear and increase your time spent in the water. WETSOX work by eliminating the friction between you and your gear allowing you to slip in and out of your suit and boots quickly and easily, wet or dry. Eliminating friction also means eliminating the unnecessary stress and stretch otherwise placed on your suit and boots while putting them on or taking them off, protecting your seams and increasing the overall life of your gear.

Wednesday, 09 September 2015 23:54

RinseKit - Portable Shower

The revolutionary RinseKit is a portable, pressurized shower system that’s like having a garden
hose at the beach or the trailhead. With no pumping, and no batteries, it fills in 20 seconds, storing the strength of a regular household spigot to deliver pressurized spray for up to 2-3 minutes.

Monday, 17 August 2015 23:25

Superbrand Boardshorts

Whether you are looking for a fresh board, some boardshorts or clothes. Superbrand has everything you could ask for!

Sunday, 02 August 2015 15:12

Nectar Sunglasses

Nectar started out as just a couple of friends who loved to surf, skate and cause trouble, but it’s grown into so much more. They are a worldwide crew living life to the fullest and sharing their epic experiences everywhere they go. Doing what you love can be a wild ride, but we know it’s always a sweet life.

Retro surf apparel for the vagabond beach bum. Introducing the Beachnik trunk: a rugged suit with built in waterproof stuff-sac.

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