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Billabong Platinum X Tribong Boardshorts

Boardshorts and surf trunks have come a long way from back when the Billabong was first founded in 1973.

Pulled from deep in the archives, the Tribong X Fronds Boardshorts are the modern day reincarnation of Billabong’s rich, authentic history. Tribong began as Billabong’s founder Gordon Merchant’s vision of what a boardshort should look like. After countlest sketches, and testing the shorts in the waves of Burleigh and Angourie, Tribong was created.

Youth focused and connected to the environment, Billabong continues to produce some of the best perfomance surfing gear on the market.

Wearing a pair of these lightweight, evironmentally friendly boardshorts will keep your surfing and style in check. Each pair is engineered with Px3 Recycled stretch fabric, keeping things ultra comfortable & approximately 25 bottles from ending up in the ocean or landfill. 

The H2 Micro Repel used with the Platinum X coats the fabric to eliminate saturation & repels water, keeping your boardshorts dryer and lighter, longer.

With fresh color combinations and new disruptive patterns, this classic style is what a boardshort should look like.

Surfer Jack Freestone shows off the Platinum X Tribong boardshorts

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