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Board of the Week : Hypto Krypto

Surf Board of the Week

Surf Board of the WeekHypto Krypto Surf Board
For the first board of the week post, we’re spotlighting the HYPTO KRYPTO by Haydenshapes.

 One of the major bummers of surfing is that all of these wonderful, mouth watering surfboards keep coming out all the time, and invariably cost way more than you could afford. So unless you’ve got sponsors throwing you one after another, you’re probably limited to just a few surfboards at a time.

 I don’t own a Hypto Krypto, but I’ve gotten to surf one a few times, and I’m a pretty big fan. It’s got a sort of unique template, even when compared to similar style boards like the Dwart, the Dumpster Diver, and the Rocket. All of these retro fish meets modern shortboard hybrids pack a lot of volume and generate a ton of speed, but the Krypto is fuller towards the nose with fatter rails, so it’s especially conducive to front footed surfing. This generally means you can just throw your weight forward into it and gain unholy speed down the line. This is especially true of the Hypto Krypto.

 There’s not much rocker to the board at all, but the volume thins out towards the tail and comes to a pin, so it has more hold than you might expect on bigger days- and obviously a lot more than a more classic fish. The thin, pinny tail also helps those front footed surfers switch to their backfoot easily to throw slidey hacks off the lip.

 A common concern is that the Hypto Krypto is kind of damage prone. It’s light and seems quick to take a ding. So if you’re heavy on your feet with your turns, or suck at doing patch jobs with sanding resin, maybe give the Hypto Krypto a second thought before committing to the big purcha$e. Otherwise, this board from Haydenshapes is a blast. Crazy fast, smooth pivoty turns, and the fat rails are fun to try to bury while gliding through trims.

 Keep your eyes peeled and uncrusted for next week’s surboard of the week. Yeew!

Diagram of the HK’s contours from Haydenshapes.

Shape analysis from Haydenshapes.