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Board of the Week: Rock-Up from Lost


This week’s board is the ROCK-UP from LOST.

lost rock up board of the week

As a micro surfboard addict myself, I know how hard it can be to switch from your super fun, fat 5’2 fish to a super pointy 6’5 mini gun when the waves go well overhead.

Usually, the conversion equals an adjustment period- rich with missed waves and sloppy turns, leaving you slapping your forehead as you paddle back into the lineup wondering why your surfing is so off.
The Rock-Up was invented as a solution to this problem. A step up shape for people who love their small boards and don’t want to deal with a huge transition in foam when they need to handle bigger waves. 
lost rock up 
Featuring a lifted pin tail, low entry rocker, tapered full foward outline rails, and a nose that’s a perfect halfway point between gunny sharp and hybrid wide, the Rock-Up is a big wave board for people who like the option of leaving their gigantic guns at home.
Lost suggests the Rock-Up is best used in good surf (it especially likes bowly waves) from 4 feet to a bit over 10 feet, but due to its relatively high volume and forward nose, some people might be able to grovel the small stuff with it.  

lost rock up 

The Rock-Up from Lost. Definitely worth taking a look at.

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