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GoSurf Mouth Mount by GoSurf Accessories

The GoSurf Mouth Mount Is Available In Seven Colors!

GoSurf Accessories™ was founded by a team of surfers, divers, and entrepreneurs. They put their heads together, came up with the idea for the mouthpiece mount, made a design and took it to the water. Ever since they have been spreading the word about their new product, with multi function, multi angle capabilities and custom color combinations, their mount easily stands out above the rest! They went the extra length and decided to use a high end comfort bite mouthpiece for steady shots and a comfortable fit. Combine that with 7 different color options for lanyard, mount, screw and zip-tie.

GoSurf Accessories Mouthpiece Mount Kickstarter

Just a year ago they were funded on Kickstarter and they have come a long way!

GoSurf Accessories™ team rider, Brian Farrell says,”I think the mouth mount is great! It’s super easy to paddle with and it’s comfortable enough to keep in your mouth while you get thrown around under water so you don’t really have to worry about losing the GoPro. The lanyard guarentees that you don’t lose your camera, along with the floaty. Besides that, it gets sick POV shots!”

Brian Farrell getting some shade with his GoSurf Mouth Mount.

You can also find GoSurf Accessories™ on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Give them a follow!