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Greg Noll “Jail House” Trunks Review

Boardshorts Review

Greg Noll
Of course I want to wear the same trunks as “Da Bull“! New for Summer 2012, Billabong and Noll Surfboards presents the Noll Stretch Boardshort, the centerpiece of the Noll Surfboards and Billabong collaboration which includes tees, tanks, shorts, and boardshorts.

These striped beauties are guaranteed to increase the size of your kahones in big surf! Ok well maybe that’s a stretch, but they are certainly an icon in the history of big wave surfing. There is no other pair of trunks that is more recognizable.

“The collaboration with Billabong enables the Noll Surfboards legacy to reach a much broader range of surfers and customers across the US and internationally,” said Jed Noll, CEO of Noll Surfboards. “Billabong has done an outstanding job to create a line that is both classic and modern — a worthy tribute to the roots of surfing and those who pioneered the North Shore and beyond.”

Earlier in the year Noll Surfboards & Billabong released 200 pairs of signed collector’s edition Jail House Trunks – identical to the classic boardshorts which Greg wore while pioneering the North Shore. You still might be able to find a pair on the internet if you’re lucky, but a product this legendary is something you can’t sleep on.

Check out what Da Bull has to say about the trunks & collaboration here:

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