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Josh Kerr Moonrakerr XDS 5.0 fins by 3DFins

Professional surfer, Josh Kerr explaining the science behind the dimple technology.

3DFins aim to bring surfers highly advanced surfboard fins that improve surfing performance. They are a company of surfers who are committed to pushing the limits and changing the way we think about fins.

They have a partnership with Josh Kerr, one of the most exciting and innovative surfers on the planet today. Josh rides and competes with the Dimple Technology on his custom Moonrakker finsHe also shares our mindset that there is plenty that can be achieved in surfboard fin design moving forwards.

Moonrakker XDS 5.0 Snow Leopard Full Base Fin

Shown above is the Moonrakker XDS 5.0 Snow Leopard Full Base Fin


3DFins are currently working on several other technically advanced innovations. These will have the potential to completely redefine what is considered “cutting edge” performance surfing. And redefine what we know about surfboard fins.

3DFins is based in Western Australia. Designer and founder, Courtney Potter, lives and works in Margaret River. He is constantly researching and developing new and innovative fin designs. He also experiments with surfboard fin materials, trying to find unique compositions that are more durable and more environmentally friendly.

Josh Kerr

Professional surfer, Josh Kerr getting some air time with his 3DFins.

Here is what Josh has to say about the fins, “I’ve been riding my 3DFINS for well over a year now, and I’m absolutely loving them. I ride them every surf, every event. I’ve always been into trying out different fins, different sizes, and then the 3D guys came along this concept and I’ve been loving it ever since I jumped on board. It’s super exciting to see where we’ll be at in the future. I can totally feel the speed, drive and power I get out of these fins – they’re like my own little secret weapon on tour. It’s my little edge that I get, and I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before the other guys catch on and start riding them. The fins are awesome, I love ’em!”

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