Men's Koda Selects by Sanuk

Posted: Oct 12,2015 Written by 

Step out in style with the Cavalier Collection. These stylish kicks marry all the comfort and freedom of a sandal with stylish cold weather shoe sophistication. The Koda Select features a durable vegan leather upper and a super lightweight and flexible footbed that will keep your feet smilin’ from morning to night. If you like Sanuk's Sidewalk Surfers, you'll love this new spin that features a smoothed out and cozied up spin on their classic outsole. Perfect for daily use or when you are trying to impress the ladies!

Sanuk is the Thai word for “fun” which is exactly what their little brand is all about! They design products to keep you smilin’ and stylin’ through life. Slip on a pair of Sanuks and let them carry you to your happy place.


Sanuk team rider, Jude Clark getting some air time during Hurricane Joaquin. Photo - Mike Incitti 

Team rider Jude says, "I love Sanuk! They are super comfy and they get all the chicks."

Keep it classy and get yourself a pair of Koda Selects today!

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