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MR TFX Super Twin Fin Review

I really love these surf fins. They go great on my small fishy boards, or anything short and wide with a broad tail.  

The MR TFX comes as a super twin setup. So, two large fronts (5.06″ base length) and a mini center fin (3.55″ base) meant to provide a little extra stabilization. Obviously you can remove the stabilizer and run the MR-TFX’s as a true twin setup.

These Mark Richards retro inspired fins offer a great balance of release and drive, with a ton of speed down the line. Especially good for throwing snappy turns on wide tail boards that could use a little bit more hold and sharpness weaving down the line.

However, I think it’s worth noting that I pretty much never run them with the little trailer they come with. Instead, I usually swap in the center fin from a set of AM2s- or something similar for the extra bit of sweep. 

They come in a few different colorways too:

Some key features of the MR TFX:
•Carbon Base
•Performance Core
•Resin Transfer Moulding

mr tfx fcs super twin b

Overall, I’d give the MR-TFX fins a 7.5/10. They’re crazy fast surf fins, but missing a little bite.

BUT with the AM2 center fin swap I mentioned earlier, I’d definitely give them a 9/10.

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