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Product Review: DryGuy™ Wide Body Boot Dryer

dry guy wide body wetsuit booties and glove dryer
Double Boot Dryer from DryGuy.
Whenever I think of wetsuit boots, I think of their unpleasant, mildewy smell. That slight degree of dread having to shove my feet into them, even despite the fact that they let me get in the water in the colder months. It’s just that no matter what I do they always seem to take forever to dry, and they always smell terrible.
We recently got to try out the Wide Body Double Boot and Glove Dryer from DryGuy, which in theory, seemed almost too good to be true. 
dry guy wide body boot and glove dryer
View of the dryer with 2 boots and 2 gloves.

The dryer was a little smaller than I expected, which I liked, because I expected a piece of machinery that would take up a lot of space. In reality, it occupies about one square foot. For those short on room, it’s relatively easy to find a place to stash it away.

In terms of functionality, it’s better than expected. The Wide Body Double Boot model features four cylinder fans, so you can hang a pair of boots and a pair of gloves all at once. The device runs on a timer and the fans pump a steady stream of air blowing out all the smelly, fungus-y, bacteria before it can sink into your precious neoprene. 

the dryguy wide body boot and glove dryer
Close up of the timer dial and heat switch.

The Wide Body Dryer also has a “heat” feature, which I was reluctant to switch on at first (noting that it was built more primarily for snowboarding boots,) but I can confirm without question that it’s mild enough to work perfectly on your wetsuit boots. It also happens to speed up the drying process quite a bit.

Using the DryGuy Boot Dryer, my wetsuit boots dried in only a couple hours. Astronomically faster than they would have dried simply hanging on a rack. Equally impressive, the quick drying time prevented “wetsuit boot stink”, as it banished the smelly contaminants before they could properly develop.

dry guy wide body boot and glove dryer
The DryGuy Boot Dryer.

Overall, the Wide Body Boot and Glove Dryer from DryGuy is an excellent product for surfers enduring colder climates who have extra rubber to deal with. It’s very useful and takes almost zero effort to use. Plus, it will keep your booties fresher, dryer, and way more hygienic. 

Check it out for sure. The Wide Body Boot and Glove Dryer from DryGuy. Never put cold wet boots on again. Yew!