Product Review: Surf Munkey Hat

Product Review: Surf Munkey Hat

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Now that the weather’s warming up and the wetsuits are thinning down, surfers are able to spend more time in the water again. Which means more sun with more skin out. This is a very good thing for most of us, but just because you don’t need the 5mm rubber anymore doesn’t mean there aren’t any hassles to deal with.

Sunburns might seem like a minor annoyance, but there are more serious ramifications to consider- like skin cancer. And since May is skin cancer awareness month, I thought this would be the perfect time to check out a product from the California local company: Surf Munkey.

surf munkey surf hat
Front and side views.

The surf hats from Surf Munkey  are pretty impressive. Unlike any other surf hat out there, they have a ton of different color options so you can definitely find a style you’ll like. Plus, the hats are really well made and the material is super comfortable. They also dry even faster than boardshorts, and I seriously like mine.

surf munkey surf hat
Inside view and FlipUpBill in ‘up’ position.

Their hats have a trademarked FlipUpBill feature, which is an inconspicuous and uncomplicated velcro system that let’s you push up the brim of the hat when you need extra visibility, and it stays in place until you want it moved. This allows you to switch back and forth between heightened visibility and heavier sun protection without having to strain your neck to see while paddling.

surf munkey surf hat
The bill is solid, but still soft; perfect for functionality while surfing.

The hats provide both UVA and UVB protection (which are longwave and shortwave ultraviolet rays, respectively); and have a UPF of 40-50+ in terms of sunblocking, which is the highest rating possible- protecting against 97% of rays.

In terms of fit, there’s a simple adjustable strap in the back. And a no frills, surprisingly unawkward chinstrap that ensures the hat sits securely on your head, even through deep duck dives or if you wipe out.

Lastly, the Surf Munkey hats are made here in the US, which is always cool and increasingly rare these days.

Pick your favorite color and avoid dumb sunburns. (Especially good to have on tropical surf trips…)
Check out the FlipUpBill Surf Hat from Surf Munkey