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Protect Your Stick with this Surfboard Sock from Ho Stevie!

surfboard sock car

Treat her good and she’ll do you right!

Dinging your surfboard sucks. So does watching it gradually turn yellow because of damaging UV rays. And how about accidentally leaving your board in the car on a hot day to come back and find wax all over the upholstery? Yeah, that sucks too. Wanna know the easiest way to avoid all of these things happening. Slip on a Surfboard Sock from Ho Stevie!

surfboard sock infographic 1

Don’t go surfing without one!

No more cracking your surfboard tail in a doorway or denting your rail putting it in the car. A surfboard sock protects against knocks and scrapes to keep your daily driver in prime condition. It also blocks out sunshine to keep your stick looking whiter for longer.

What’s more, covering up your board will keep the wax on the deck instead of on your car seats. This alone makes a surfboard sock a worthy investment, as anyone who has tried and failed to clean wax off car interior fabric will tell you.

wax pocket surf sock

The Ho Stevie! Surfboard Sock has a handy wax stash pocket too!

So these socks come packed with features, like a handy starch picket for wax and spare fins, a strong drawstring to close it up, and a reinforced nose patch for added protection up front. The thin knitted polyester fabric is super stretchy so it wraps nicely around boards of different widths and thicknesses.

black white surfboard sock cover

Wanna a close-up on that fabric? Sure you do!

If you go for the original black and white surfboard sock you can choose from the following sizes: 6’, 6’6”, 7’, 8’, 8,6”, 9’6”, and 10’6”. For the other colors you don’t get quite as many options so check surfboard sock stock on the Ho Stevie! website.

surfboard sock 1

4 different colors and 7 different sizes!

So there you have it, if you’re not already using a surfboard sock you should be! Click here to order your Ho Stevie! Surfboard Sock now