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Spectrum AM-1 Fins from Shapers


We received the Spectrum Series AM1 fins (with 4 Phase Flex Pattern ) from Shapers not too long ago, and I’ve gotten to test them out in a lot of different conditions.

Let me start by saying that they’re plugged into my main surfboard right now at this very moment…

spectrum series am fins
Thruster Set. AM-1 Spectrum Series with FCS tabs.

Usually, I prefer advanced construction fins like these (carbon composite, hex core, etc…) as fronts only, and prefer a less advanced, glass flex type fin as my center (or as rears in my quads.) This is because I like the back end of my tail to feel a little ‘bendier’ than the front, and the more traditional glass fins usually have more give than the high tech composite kind- which have a tendency to “snap back” a little too quickly sometimes when drawing out turns.

This was not an issue at all for me with the Spectrum AM1’s. The outline for these seems a little thinner and much lighter than the standard the AM1’s; and this combined with the advanced construction technology of the Spectrum Series, produces a high end fin that flexes exactly the way I want it to, and never snaps back prematurely. 

This means sharper, more fluid, whippingturns; as well as rapid acceleration during re-entries, cutting back, and while trimming for speed.

spectrum shapers fins
Close up of Spectrum flex patterns.

Like the standard AM1sShapers’ advanced Spectrum version has a slightly wider base and a more sweeping rake than your typical thruster set (measuring a 4.56″ base and a 36.6° rake,) which means you’re getting a lot of drive and control. With the Spectrum AM1s, you’ll feel the same high level of drive you get from a typical AM1 or AM2 fin, BUT with noticeably more control and significantly less drag

Actually, the Spectrum AM1’s are probably the least draggy thruster fins I’ve ever surfed in my life.

Inside foil of one of the side fin.

Overall, The Spectrum AM1 fins from Shapers are hard to beat as an all around thruster setup. It’s a super balanced template that will work very well in any and all conditions. They’re drivey, maneuverable, practically drag free for a thruster setup, and most significantly- they’re made out of a sick material that really flexes and bends exactly the way you want it to.

Definitely check them out. The Spectrum Series AM1 fins from Shapers.

Spectrum AM1 with fin key.

And check out Shapers in general. They’re making sick fins with a unique selection of templates. The brands not common in the US yet, but you can contact the info below to avoid shipping overseas:

Blocksurf / Ocean & Earth USA / Komunity Project
PO Box 940087
Simi Valley, CA 93094 USA

*Also: Channel Islands just started carrying the Spectrum AM’s on their site.