Surfboard of the Week: Arc Swallowtail Quad from Mandala Surfboards

Posted: Jan 21,2014 Written by 

Jesse Faen, unaffected by drop-ins and shoulder dwellers, on a 5'4 ASQ. Video: Manuel Caro

Jan.21, 2014 - This week, we’re having a look at the Arc Swallowtail Quad from Mandala Surfboards.

The Arc Swallowtail is part of a family of short, wide, carve-centric shapes derivative of the original Arctail Quad from Mandala- which draws inspiration from the Greenough Spoon and the Mini Simmons.

The original Arctail Quad (which has a square tail) was designed to recreate the drive of a fish while maintaining the turning radius of a round tail. The  Swallowtail version of the Arctail Quad has a deep fishcut-tail, to dramatically reduce surface area and free up the tail.

arc swallowtail quad mandala surfboards spray huge turn shortboard
Jesse Faen tossing a huge bucket on a ASQ. Photo: Mandala

This also gives The Arc Swallowtail Quad tremendous release on turns and creates a dynamic flex effect that’s unique on each side of the tail, referred to by Mandala as a “variable rocker”.

The Arc Swallowtail is most responsive in hollower surf, as its deep cut double pins excel at gathering and releasing a ton of energy. This effect is reminiscent of the snappy feeling of flex-and-release that you'd normally get from a set of well foiled fins.

The Arc Swallowtail Quad is an incredibly fast board with a surprising amount of quickness and responsiveness. Meant to be ridden shorter than you are tall, Mandala’s team dimensions for the ASQ are 5’4 x 20 x 2.25.

arc swallowtail quad mandala surfboards
Mirrored top and bottom view of a 5'4 ASQ. Photo: Mandala

Jamie Sterling and Kenny Stittsworth on Mandala Arctail Quads in Chile. Video: Wave Journal

Tight turns, a huge amount of drive, and a seriously dynamic tailshape.
Definitely check out the Arc Swallowtail Quad from Mandala Surfboards.

And check out more shapes on Mandala's blog.