Surfboard of the Week: The Fartknocker from Stewart Surfboards

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May 1st, 2013 -  Since it's looking pretty flat around here this week, I wanted to cover another grovely summer board: The Fartknocker from Stewart Surfboards

First of all, like pretty much all mushkillers, it packs a lot of volume. The stock 5'6 model of the Fartknocker is 20 1/2 by 2 3/8th thickness with a hefty 32.7 liters of volume; I love that it's relatively thin for this much volume. A lot of similar grovel boards get most of their float from being close to 3 inches thick. The thinner design of the Fartknocker means it's not only a groveler, but an excellent aerial board option- especially if you go extra short. 

The Fartknocker from Stewart Surfboards
Top deck and rocker view.

The Fartknocker's got a few distinct features I really like too. Beveled rails give it less of the clunky feeling you tend to get going rail to rail on a high volume board, and the rails are thinner without affecting midsection foam or the shape's overall outline.

The Fartknocker, beveled rails
Beveled rail close up.

Flat rocker (especially in the middle) for super fast planing speed, so it'll paddle great and glide over gutless wave sections. Wide tail for speed and lift. Little flip in the nose and tail for pitchy drop-ins and re-entries. As well as a big single into double concave.

The Fartknocker, tail
Tail close up.

Plus, unlike a lot of other dedicated grovelers, the Fartknocker can handle some bigger waves- so you'll be able to pick off that unexpected rogue bomb of the day if it shows up.

Definitley one to check out. The Fartknocker from Stewart Surfboards.

The Fartknocker from Stewart Surfboards
Nice spray from the Fartknocker on a head high peak.

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