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Surfboard of the Week- The Pier Pony from JS

Now that the water is starting to warm up and summer’s on its way, I’ve been checking out a lot of grovely summer boards.The Pier Pony from JS is one of my favorites in this category. It was designed to catch even the smallest sloppiest waves a lazy summer season can dish out.

pier pony from js rocker
Rocker and top view.

In terms of overall volume, you can ride the Pier Pony as small as a 5’0 and it’ll still pack more foam than most boards in a normal quiver. (The stock 5’0 is 20 1/2 width by 2 9/16 thickness, and packs 28.6 liters of cubic volume.) 

It’s got the hovery, glide heavy speed of a mini simmons, but unlike a mini simmons it’s got a fair amount of maneuverability, so you can throw some hacks you’d have a hard time pulling off on a regular mini.

pier pony from js vee concave
Tail concave view.

It’s got an ultra flat rocker. Wide tail. Full rails. Constant vee concave from entry to tail. All features that come together to ensure straight up maximized planing efficiency- so it can frickin’ fly over flat sections and outrun even the mushiest foamballs. 

A total small wave board for someone who wants to be able to throw some decent turns on tiny mushy days.
The Pier Pony. Check it out.

pier pony js surf details
Rocker and concave breakdown. 

*JS recommends you ride the Pier Pony a whopping 8 to 10 inches shorter than your regular shortboard.