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Surfboard of the Week: The Pile Driver from Lost


A lot of Pile Driver action in the Lost film ‘Here Today… Gone to Cabo’

Designed as the result of surfer feedback regarding one of Lost’s best selling surfboards (the Mini Driver,) the Pile Driver is a great every day performer, and a solid choice for 95% of the waves you’re gonna get on the east coast.

The Mini Driver (which I personally use as a step up board) is a versatile and super fun performance shape- and I really like it- but it’s not much of a groveler. I really never even bother taking it out unless the waves are chest high plus.

lost pile driver
Photo from Real Water Sports

The Pile Driver takes all the performance aspects of the Mini Driver. They have the same nose. The same rails. Same dimensions. BUT the Pile is altered in a few critical ways to give it quite a bit more push in weaker, smaller surf. For one, the round pinnish tail is swapped for a wider double wing swallow tail. This means the rail line is extended and the surface area is increased, which translates to more lift and planing efficiency, so you won’t bog as quickly going through weaker sections. 
Like the Mini Driver, the Pile Driver has an increased entry rocker and a flatter exit rocker. This setup is conducive to backfooted surfing in general (which is part of the reason these boards can handle larger hollower waves,) but with the broader tail of the Pile Driver, anyone surfing off their backfoot is gonna generate a shitload of extra speed just trimming down the line. This makes the Pile Driver not only a good option for backfooted surfers, but a good option for front footed surfers looking to extend their repertoire of maneuvers into the tail.

lost surfboards pile driver swallow tail
Top and bottom view of the Pile Driver. Photo: Real Water Sports

Obviously by giving up the pin tail from the Mini Driver, the Pile Driver won’t be able to handle waves quite as big, but it will still hold its own in overhead waves with some power. 
And note that the Pile Driver is not a dedicated groveler so much as an all around performer that also gives you some options on the smaller days.
It hasn’t been officially released yet, and Lost still hasn’t added it to their website,
but definitely be on the lookout for the Pile Driver from Lost Surfboards
Video from Real, which has Pile Drivers in stock if you wanna check em out.