Surfboard of the Week: The Ranger from Hess

Posted: Mar 05,2014 Written by 

Danny Hess. Video: DWP

March 5, 2014 - Hess Surfboards, made by by Danny Hess, are part of a growing movement towards hollow wood surfboards instead of standard foam. Simply put, the idea is that these wood crafted shapes are not only organic and sustainable, but also longer lasting. Specifically, Danny Hess, who builds each of his beautiful wooden boards himself by hand, says his ultimate goal is to create "heirloom surfboards" which could be passed down and enjoyed for multiple generations.

The Ranger in the Hess line of surfboards, is an all around template that can rip in a variety of conditions. Designed to have the down the line speed of fish, but also to stay pocketed and controllable in the super hollow stuff.

hess surfboards danny hess ranger
Top view of a Ranger. Photo: Hess

The Ranger's double wing and thumb tail reduces planing surface under your back foot, making it easier to go rail to rail even when the waves get super punchy.

Bottom concave starts with a V, then goes into a single, and finishes with a double V out the tail. Hess recommends you surf the Ranger about 4" shorter than your every day shortboard.

hess surfboards danny hess ranger
Tail view of a Ranger. Photo: Hess

hess surfboards danny hess ranger
Another Ranger. Photo: Hess

Beautiful, versatile shape. Check it out.

The Ranger from Hess Surfboards.

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