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Surfboard of the Week: The Shovel Fish from Jumper Surfboards

For this week’s board of the week, we’re doing something a little different. I contacted local New York shaper Stephen Jumper, of Jumper Surfboards, and got him to answer a few questions about his excellent little summer nugget of a shape- The Shovel Fish.

shovel fish from jumper surfboards new york new jersey
A quad Shovel Fish eager to get in there.

TheSurfersView : So tell us a little bit about your surfboard, The Shovel Fish.
Stephen Jumper:  The Shovel Fish!  It’s a really fun shape. Seems like it’s becoming more popular these days… The backbone to the design is to maximize float and displacement while minimizing size.  The outline of the board, if you were to continue drawing out the traditional pointy nose shape, would net a board about 4-6 inches longer. 

shovel fish by stephen jumper winter surf
Another Shovel- this one posing in some East Coast snow.

TSV: I know most of the short wide stubby shapes run pretty flat. How’s the rocker on the Shovel Fish?
SJ: The rocker is what really gives it its ride. Zero into 1.5 inches of tail rocker. Zero in the nose for maximum speed, and then a slight tail rocker if you’re surfing longer period hollow waves.  

shovel fish from jumper surfboards new york new jersey
Shovel Fish working down the line.

TSV: What sort of waves does the Shovel Fish go the best in? 
SJ: In terms of waves size, A 5’1″ Shovel Fish has been surfed in 1 foot mush and 7 foot hollow shore break, it’s just a matter of learning the board and maximizing its strengths.
TSV: Awesome. How are the rails and bottom contours set up? 
SJ: The rails are 50/50 for the first foot and then are full but with a nice edge down the rest of the board. At 21-23 inches you want the edge to help bite into the wave for turns.  The bottom has a slight hull that then flips into a single then double concave out the back.
shovel fish from stephen jumper quad and twin fin
Quad Shovel with a simmons style tail and a fish tail twin Shovel beside it.
TSV: What kind of fin setup do you generally run the Shovel Fish?
SJ:  Twin or quad are both super fun, wood or futures, whatever ya like. Making a single fin right now; will let you know how that one goes!
TSV: Single fin shovel! Definitely an old school style surfboard. What’s the glassing typically like on these?
SJ:  I have glassed a few really heavy (3 6oz deck and 2 6oz bottom) which gives good drive and feel. Otherwise I just stick to a lighter double 4oz with 4oz deck patch and double 4 oz bottom, with optional tail patch.  
shovel fish from jumper surf boards wax
Shovel Fish catching a little wax.
TSV: Lastly, how do you size the Shovel Fish? How big or small should people be riding it?
SJ: For surfers 150lbs or less… you could go under 5’0.  For a 170lbs surfer, I’d say go with a 5’0 to a 5’6.  For 200lbs, a 5’6 to a 5’10”. It’s got some float.
TSV: Great man. Thanks for all the data. 

SJ: Thanks!

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