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Surfboard of the Week: The Slip-in from Meyerhoffer


This week we’re having a look at the Slip-in from Meyerhoffer Surfboards. It’s probably the most unusual looking surfboard you’ll ever see under someone’s arm.

meyerhoffer slip in

 Photo: Mike Caroselli
At a glance, the Slip-in looks more like a giant bowling pin than a surfboard. It incorporates a bunch of different surfing ideas at once, and crams them all into a fairly bizarre looking shape… But if you keep the physics of waveriding in mind, and try not to worry about the typical shortboard aesthetic, the design actually starts to makes a lot of sense. 
Enough actually that the Slip won a Best of Show award at last year’s Boardroom International Surf Expo, which means there are plenty of open minded surfers willing to give this board more than a passing glance.
Billed as a single fin remake, the Slip-in is meant to offer surfers the ability to draw classic single fin lines, or cut entirely new ones.

meyerhoffer slip in

Surfer: Micah Lester, Maldives
Key features include:
• Single fin
• Hull Nose
• Negative cut tail for grip and shorter turning radii
• Double concave V bottom
As well as concept elements like:
• Hollow AirNose for less swingweight 
• Carbon Flex tail
• Single fin that fits into a short box. Dual flex.

meyerhoffer slip in

Ultimately, the two defining-most features of the Slip-in are its hull nose and nipple-esque tail. It’s been suggested that this surfboard can be ridden classically, or with new wave style in mind. This is definitely true. Simply adjusting your foot placement can transform this surfboard from retro to futuristic. 

Funny looking- sure, but definitely a different kind of ride.