Surfboard of the Week: The Vanguard from Tomo and Firewire

Surfboard of the Week: The Vanguard from Tomo and Firewire

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This week we’re having a look at another somewhat unconventional looking hull shape, the Vanguard MPH (Modern Planing Hull). Released as a joint effort between Firewire and Daniel Thomson of Tomo Surfboards, and designed to be an “ultra high performance” surfboard.

firewire vanguard

Inspired by design elements from modern kite and wake boarding, the Vanguard is extremely fast coming down off the top and is built for aerial maneuvers- particularly ones found outside of surfing, in alternate sports like wake and snowboarding.

The design is all about lowered drag and increased forward thrust. 

 It features:
  • A parallel (straighter) foiled outline with forward widepoint
  • Fluid amplification curves, outlines and rocker. Hydrofoil/Aerofoil curves provide significant drag reduction as well as higher  levels of dynamic surface planing lift.
  • Balance of Volume in relation to surface planing lift. { L = CL P2 SV2 }*SIMMONS FORMULA; Efficient planing surface provides effective lift to counteract rider weight. Therefore a reduction of physical length, area, and volume is necessary. 

vanguard from firewire and tomo surfboardsModified tail setup on left 

To separate the Vanguard from a typical hull (like a Simmons) Thomson also implemented a few key features:

  • Lengthening of the hard edge (further lift and drag reduction) combined with modern, low volume, medium/ boxy rail profile for sensitive and forgiving rail transitions.
  • A parallel fin placement (0 degrees tow) providing excellent control with negligible drag.
  • Complex Channel and Concave bottom contours and calculated angular and vector tail profiles have also achieved positive results with low drag control through radical directional changes.   

stuart kennedy on firewire vanguardStu Kennedy feeling out the straight rails with a big turn on his 5’2

In essence, the Vanguard is a lightweight, high speed, seriously carvable, aerial board. Its ultra parallel rail lines make it especially stable and its unique channeled tail give it a lot of lift on the backfoot. Meant to be ridden much shorter than your traditional all-arounder, you’ll be able to completely manhandle it controlwise, whether you’re throwing spray or rotating in midair.

Check it out: The Vanguard from Tomo and Firewire. 

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