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Surfboard of the Week: The Vapors from SUPERbrand

A little wider than a regular shortboard, but not quite as wide as typical for the trend of short wide hybrids.The Vapors, from SUPERbrand surfboards is meant to be a higher volume, easy paddling, speed generating surfboard that doesn’t sacrifice performance.


the vapors from superbrand surfboards

Top, bottom, and rocker view of a 5 fin Vapors 

The Vapors has got a medium tail rocker with a relaxed entry. The tail is diamond shaped on standard models, which means a shorter rail outline, which makes the Vapors quicker in terms of maneuverability. This combined with the boosted exit rocker and generally thin tail- add a lot of performance characteristics to a shape that otherwise focuses more on being fast and drivey down the line than loose and carvey. 
Its single concave comes up pretty high, almost through to the nose, with a quick double out the back- finished by a tiny vee at the end of the tail. These features are good for 1: front footed lean ins that allow you to generate free speed, and 2: making quick pivoty transitions onto your backfoot.
the vapors from superbrand surfboardsClay Marzo on the Vapors 
Meant to be surfed in anything the ocean can throw at you from head high and under, The Vapors can handle punchy beach breaks, sloppy chop, tubes.., you name it.

Check it out: The Vapors from SUPERbrand.