Surfboard of the Week: The Weirdo Ripper from Channel Islands

Posted: Mar 21,2013 Written by 

March 20, 2013 - Designed to be "user friendly", the Weirdo Ripper is for having straight up fun in regular non bombing waves. It's got a forward wide point, relaxed rocker, and packs some extra volume for easier paddling and boosting your catch rate on lumpy, gutless waves.

It's also got a squashed double pin tail with wing cutouts- which minimize surface area in the tail without compromising the balance of the overall rail outline. This helps you bury your tail harder without sliding out too hard on your turns.

Weirdo Ripper Surfboard from Channel Islands
Put simply, the Weirdo Ripper is a classic wave hogging pod template, but with a few very useful mutations to give your typical surfer some higher end performance capabilities without negatively affecting wave count.

It also comes with the increasingly popular 5 fin setup, which I'm a huge fan of. This means you can swap thruster for quad as conditions (or moods) dictate.

Weirdo Ripper Surfboard from Channel Islands

A legitimate every day driver for waves from ankle high mush to tight just overhead lines. Great for regular surfers, but pros are definitely murdering on it too. 

The Weirdo Ripper, by Yadin Nicol and Channel Islands.

Dane Reynolds Surfing on the Weirdo Ripper Surfboard from Channel Islands