Surfboard of the Week: The White Diamond 2 from Roberts

Surfboard of the Week: The White Diamond 2 from Roberts

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Torrey Meister on the White Diamond 2. (Love the turn @ 0:36.)

This week’s Board of the Week is the White Diamond 2 from Roberts.

The original White Diamond is the board that won Roberts Surfing Magazine’s Shaper of the Year title in 2011, so the White Diamond 2 isn’t a radical reinvention, but rather a series of minor tweaks aimed at honing the already successful design.

white diamond 2 from roberts
The White Diamond 2 from Roberts.

It’s a bit more high performance oriented than the original White Diamond. The 2 is a little narrower in the nose (and overall,) so it’s more responsive and makes quicker turns. Complementing that, the tail corners are rounder, which smooths out the feeling of those sharp turns.

Instead of having a constant single concave throughout- like the original White Diamond- the White Diamond 2 runs a single concave through the nose, but shifts to a double to finish the tail.

The White Diamond 2‘s tail is, as you might expect from the name, a diamond. This tail shape moves the rail line up- so you can release your turns harder, as well as maneuver more quickly in critical sections. (Diamonds have qualities in common with two very different tail shapes- pins and fish.)

torrey meister on the white diamond 2
Torrey Meister on the WD2.

The White Diamond 2, sequel to Roberts‘ award winning model, can grovel the summer waves, but will also deliver high performance maneuverability in good waves of up to 2 feet over head.

Check it out. The White Diamond 2 from Roberts.

Robert Weiner breaking down the shape.

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