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The Koa Changing Robe By Slippa

Slippa was founded by two brothers in San Diego, California. The inspiration for the company emerged from an active lifestyle that revolves around exploring our natural environment. Their mission is to provide innovative products to make any adventure picture perfect.

They were born into a family of watermen, whose beginning dates back almost a century ago in Sicily. Their great grandparents and grandparents grew up in Italy, where they were raised on the water. From free diving countless meters collecting shellfish, to spearing their family’s dinners. Aside from their lineage of watermen, their forefathers were also dedicated entrepreneurs. When they took to the streets of New York, they quickly flourished in various businesses including restaurants, hotels, and fisheries. They were raised on the beach from day one. Whether they were exploring the dunes or hunting the sandbars, sun at their backs and sand underneath their feet was a daily routine. Over a decade ago they were then introduced to surfing, which quickly became an addiction.

They have traveled the globe in search of perfect waves, and in their paths they have crossed some amazing terrain. From the jungles in Central America, to the cliffs on the Pacific in South America, to distant rocks sitting thousands of miles from coastlines, they are dedicated to never stop exploring. Their mission is to increase awareness of the environment. They advocate an active life style. It is time to get outside and enjoy what the natural world has to offer.

The Koa In Faded Gold

Greg Causton changing after a surf session with The Koa

The Koa is a one of a kind poncho made in the USA. This versatile changing robe is great for slippin’ in and out of your wetsuit, trunks at the pool or park, or anytime you need to do a quick change! No more wrapping towels. Way more light and breathable than any poncho on the market. Super lightweight organic cotton. One size fits all.  ( Wash directions; Delicate cold water wash/ hang dry)

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