Wetsox - Frictionless Wetsuit Sock

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WETSOX products were designed to decrease the difficulty and frustration of getting in and out of your cold water gear and increase your time spent in the water. WETSOX work by eliminating the friction between you and your gear allowing you to slip in and out of your suit and boots quickly and easily, wet or dry. Eliminating friction also means eliminating the unnecessary stress and stretch otherwise placed on your suit and boots while putting them on or taking them off, protecting your seams and increasing the overall life of your gear.

WETSOX products were created by cold water surfers but have been designed to support all styles of Watermen no matter what their passion or gear choice.
WETSOX are a proud partner in the 1% For the Planet Initiative, where businesses come together to help protect our environment and keep our beaches clean. Learn more about 1% For the Planet here

They have come a long way since they first launched their campange on Kickstarter!

WETSOX offers both the original WETSOX and the WETSOX Thermals but you are probably thinking, "what's the difference?"

WETSOX are 0.6mm thick, which makes them perfect for any day you'd use your wetsuit. WETSOX Thermals are 1.6mm thick, making them a great choice for colder days in and around the water.


Treat your gear with the respect it deserves with the help of WETSOX.

Overall, WETSOX aern't just made for surfers, they are made for watermen. Get yourself a pair today!

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