XTERRA Wetsuits

XTERRA Wetsuits


XTERRA has a line of 2/2mm wetsuits for men and women for when that’s what you need.


It’s August and if you live in the Northern Hemisphere then it’s summer. And if your only options for wetsuits are a pair of trunks, or a 4/3 with a hood then you need some new rubber. You may be thinking you want a short-arm, long-leg, but you don’t want the full weight of it, or even maybe a full suit that’s not a 3/2. It’s a natural step in the progression of your surfing to progress your equipment as well. Fortunately XTERRA has been working on making wetsuits for the last twenty-five years. Their 2/2mm “spring suits” are super light-weight, durable, and have great flex when you’re paddling.

(Men’s Short-arm long-leg) El DoradoXS_El_Nino_Front_Angle_5x7_7d26a882-b5e1-4350-93dd-5f72927b17f8.jpg


(Men’s Standard “Spring suit”) ZippersXS_Zippers_BLK_Front_Angle_5x7_6d115814-a2e9-44d3-9630-4978715daff9.jpg


(Men’s Full suit) IncognitoXS_Incognito_2-2_Front_Angle_5x7_e6c5ead8-0485-4b19-a8bf-290b2722b732.jpg


(Women’s Full suit) HermosaXS_Hermosa_Front_Angle_Womens_5x7_48f574b2-f918-475e-ac93-64ae5b169e3f_1024x1024.jpg


(Women’s Full arm short-leg) ChibaXS_Chiba_Front_Angle_5x7_88e35674-41c7-4b3d-8dbf-26780c599d27.jpg


(Women’s 1.5mm Spring Suit) PlayalindaXS_PlayaLinda_BLUE_Front_Angle_Hair_Down__5x7_4ec0e701-9841-4815-9d77-e5fb0590a604_1024x1024.jpg