Surf Features » Rockaway Beach Shaper Joe Falcone Mini Documentary!

Rockaway Beach Shaper Joe Falcone Mini Documentary!

Life-long Rockaway resident Joe Falcone talks shaping, Hurricane Sandy, and surfing in New York.

If you surf Rockaway Beach no doubt you’ve seen Joe Falcone’s surfboards in the water. This mini documentary speaks to the man behind these shapes. You can check out Joe Falcone’s website here, where you can learn about his latest sticks, from thrusters to single fins, and find out how to order one.

Also, on the heels of World Surf Day, Pabst Blue Ribbon Easy is heading to New York’s Rockaway Beach on June 22nd. Pabst Blue Ribbon will partner with Joe Falcone and the Local’s Surf School to host a beach clean up event, followed by a sunset surf jam, featuring local bands and DJs.

Want to join the Beach Clean Up in the Rockaways this weekend with Joe? Just arrive at Local’s Collective Coffee shop at 3pm Saturday to get involved!