Something For Everyone At Rockaway Beach Surf Club

Posted: Aug 14,2014 Written by  Dan Conway

Video: A Surfer's Saturday at Rockaway Beach – New York via "The New Yorker"

Situated on the corner of Beach 87th Street and Rockaway Fwy is the Rockaway Beach Surf Club. Geographically, Rockaway Beach is a mere 13 miles South East from the largest city in America. Located within such close proximity to the cultural epicenter that is New York City, line ups in Rockaway are as diverse as the city itself.

However, like most coastal towns, a shared love and respect for the ocean unifies its residents. The Rockaway Beach Surf Club is a locale where members of the community can congregate to share art, music, good food, and a few beers all while enjoying one another’s company.

The Rockaway Beach Surf Club is a must see for anyone who finds themselves visiting or traveling through the New York City area.