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Thomas Colla-NY Surf Photographer

June 26, 2013 - My first exposure to Thomas Colla’s work was at his ‘Heartcore’ exhibition in NYC’s Lost Weekend surf/coffee shop.  The pictures were a study in black n’ white with images of thumping NY & NJ line-ups and close-up action shots.  They were striking in their composition, angles and mood and were some of the finer representations of northeast surfing that I’ve seen.  Though they weren’t seasonally based, they spoke of winter and captured the sheer pleasure that winter surfing gives to those in the know. 

His work spans almost every aspect of our sport and his eye is unique in subtle ways. Take a gander of some of his images and you’ll see perspectives that haven’t been shot before, which is a feat in and of itself. Like any artist, his photography is not only his work, but his coping mechanism, escape and creative outlet. He lives and breathes images and sees them wherever he turns.  He’s open to wherever his ideas take him and refuses to rest on any laurels that may have fallen along his path. Keep your eyes on Colla.  The visual representation of NY and NJ surfing could get even more interesting…


Top 10 Things That May or May Not be True About Thomas Colla

10.  He doesn’t consider himself a photographer, but rather a ‘hydrophilic’ (it’s actually a word).

9.    Besides surfing, he likes to take pics of flowers and trees.

8.    Sometimes after taking pics, he won’t review them for months or even years, as a part of his process.

7.    As a kid, he tried desperately for the ultimate trifecta—trapping a unicorn, centaur and mermaid. Never got close though.

6.  Though based in NY, his favorite surfers hail from NJ, except for Will Skudin who has balls the size of Texas and Balaram who just kinda kills it all-around.

5.  If he had a billion dollars, he would’ve bought Instagram.

4.  He “inadvertently” took nudie shots early in his ‘hydrophilic’ career.

3.  Freida Zamba is really his favorite pro surfer, but if you ask him, he’ll say Tom Curren.

2.  He loves the title of this article.

1.  He’s happy to show you all of his secret spots on Long Island. 

See more of Thomas Colla's work at www.tcolla.com