Sunday, 15 April 2012 03:04

It's All Snookie's Fault

This has to be one of the worst winters to be a New Jersey surfer. There has been a few good days but for the most part its been a disappointing season. I really don’t want to take this left hand turn into negative town but I guess its too late. I can’t turn around now. We've been teased the last few months. The ocean would dangle a carrot in front of our faces. Forecasters were tricked into saying, “There will be waves on Friday.” Somehow a storm would disappear before it arrived. The morning of the swell, you would wake up expecting to find an ocean full of surf. Instead, you lookout to see something that resembles a gigantic blue ice skating rink. Who is responsible for these misfortunes? If we point our fingers at the Atlantic, feelings might get hurt. I don’t want to offend King Neptune so it stays flat forever. Can't we just blame the cast of Jersey Shore instead?