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Waves and the Claw!

Sam Hammer at the Crabs Claw

More 30 knot winds, but more A-frames too!  Who got it on Thursday?

The models showed surf all week, but that wind would just not disappear and was setting up to be the spoiler.  And even on that day, looking at the line-ups from the beach, it looked like the wind was tearing the surf to shreds. Not onshore, but just crazy-ass offshores, which is almost more aggravating. 

But…things are not always what they appear.  Once out in the line-up, the wind was barely a factor. Sure you had to paddle extra hard to get in and a scary game of cat and mouse had to be played with the sets in order to be in the right spot on the good ones, but my break offered up barrels and long rights.  Lefts were to be had, but didn’t seem to hold the power of the rights.  My buddy and I traded waves for 3 hours, with only 5 other guys anywhere in sight.  The only downside seemed to be the current, which swept you down the beach and off of the best peaks.  It was one of those days that you walked as much as you paddled.  But to me, it was all well worth it.

As though that weren’t enough, I was having lunch in Lavallette, when Sam Hammer’s facebook posted that the Crab’s Claw was opening at 1:00.  I was over there quicker than flies to dung. Going way beyond an old watering hole re-opening post-Sandy, it was a symbol for me that the towns were coming back. Some of the old familiar faces wandered in, smiles abounded and everyone was just stoked.  Yeah, there’s shitloads to still do out there and people are still months away from normalcy, but any victory counts, no matter how small.  And we need some good stuff in our lives. 

So, head to the Claw, grab a beer, hug your barstool neighbor and raise a glass to the Jersey Shore! We’re resilient mofo’s and we’re coming back.