SUP's and waiting their turn in the lineup. What is the etiquette? Your thoughts?

Posted: Aug 05,2014 Written by  TSV

Photo: @marksisom

What's your stance on the SUP's "not waiting their turn" with crowded, inconsistent lineups? When there is a paddle involved, isn't that technically a vessel? Since many coastal cities pack surfers in small zones to protect the tourists.. Don't they see this as more of a risk for injuries? We'd love to hear your thoughts. 

"In the back bays, lakes, rivers, races, etc ... sure. great exercise, I join a friend for it once in a while myself! ... .... Hogging up the peak in the surf lineup with zero respect to "waiting your turn" and creating a dangerous situation for the other surfers in the process? (which speaks for 99% of SUPers) . .. Then I want to choke you out MMA style! .... That's all for now, carry on folks. "