Red Bull Cape Fear Season

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-Red Bull Cape Fear Contest

An empty feeling in your stomach, your throats almost closed, your hearts racing a thousand miles per hour, and your just watching from your computer screen. Red bull Cape Fear contest window opened what would be yesterday in Australia. (May 1-August 31) The names on this list are absolutely insane, last years event was a complete home-run, and this year a few more hell men want in.


 The invitees:

Andrew Mooney

Blake Thornton

Billy Kemper

Dean Morrison

Evan Faulks

Jai Abberton

James Adams

Jesse Pollock

Justen Allport

Kirk Flintoff

Koby Abberton

Laurie Towner

Makua Rothman

Nathan Florence

Perth Standlick

Richie Vaculik

Riley Laing

Russell Bierke

Ryan Hipwood

Taj Burrow


  Located on Australia’s east coast the wave “Ours” is close to Sydney in New South Wales. The wave is a twenty-foot barrel that is yes thick enough to drive a school bus through. There is a lot talk, and a lot of hype around the event this year. With surfers like Taj Burrow, Billy Kemper, Makua Rothman, and Nathan Florence joining in. It’s a big wave contest that you do not want to miss. You can view the event on Watch it live on