BOOGIE BANNED - Bodyboard Ban in all NYC Beaches

Posted: Aug 18,2014 Written by  Alex Karinsky - Rockaway Times

Boogie Banned

For the first time in history, an ocean facing international city has banned the outright use of boogie boards.

Chicago, which is a landlocked city, had banned them only to lift the ban when they legalized surfing. So why is our city going in reverse after we legalized surfing in 2007?

While most peninsula people know that technically it has been frowned upon to boogie board, it has been at the determination of area lifeguards to allow it or not.

Not this time, it is BANNED!

With little explanation and certainly no response to official emails, the NYC Parks Department has banned their use across all of NYC’s beaches. One PEP employee said on Wednesday, Aug. 6, that the official directive came from Jill Weber, Parks Department Rockaways Administrator On Monday Aug. 4. When Jill was asked privately by one of our friends on Saturday, during the Craft Fair, she stated “There has been an increased use of them and we have to ban them for people’s safety.”

For the last month, when coming home from work and asking my two surfing groms how their day went at the beach, both were dejected and complained that they couldn’t boogie board. I surely thought they were confused. But sure enough when having a summer Friday, I took them to the beach at the end of my block, as soon as they hit the water with their boogie boards a 20 year old lifeguard was harassing them to get out of the water. I walked over and said they’ve been boogie boarding since they were a year old at this same stretch of sand.

“No flotation devices! You can thank Bill de Blasio for that” he barked at me....

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