Brad Domke Charges HUGE Puerto Escondido on a... Skimboard?!

Posted: Jul 08,2014 Written by  TSV

Are you freaking kidding me?? Check out this wave that Brad Domke charges on a SKIMBOARD during the big run of surf that has been hitting Mexico.

Brad Somke Skim Puerto Escondido MexicoBrad Domke skimming... yes skimming at Puerto Escondido Photo: Dylan Palmer

Yes, we were all impressed by Shane Dorian's wave, of course we should be. But, to even attempt to skim at a spot like Puerto Escondido is just crazy. The man must have the biggest pair in the skimboarding world... and well maybe fellas like Laird Hamilton and James Holmer Cross better start upping the ante some more.


Here's some older footage of Brad Domke doing what he does: