Hurricane Sandy Relief - How YOU Can Help

Posted: Nov 05,2012 Written by  TSV

Hurricane Sandy Destruction in Ortley Beach, New Jersey
Pictured: Ortley Beach, NJ After the Storm   Photo by: Al Pollioni

We are really happy to see the amount of people in EVERY industry doing something to help raise money for the Red Cross and other foundations that are aimed to help victims of Hurricane Sandy. team would like to take a moment and share our sincerest sympathies for everyone affected by this devastation.  What happened is indescribable; words cannot convey the extent of destruction and loss. Our hearts go out to everyone affected by this unprecedented tragedy.

After thorough research, we've done our best and collected a list of links and foundations aimed to help our area with a quick recovery and to make sure people are safe.  TSV thanks ALL of the volunteers and great people out there that are going out of their way to put in time towards this relief! 

Ways You Can Help

#1: Restore The Shore

Restore the Shore
#2: Jetty Sandy Relief Tee

Jetty Life

#3: Waves For Water

Waves for Water

#4: Save Our Shore

Restore the Shore

#5: Project Rebuild and Recover

 Project Rebuild and Recover Assist in Hurricane Sandy Relief

#6: Malwitz Custom Surfboards

Malwitz Custom Surfboard Sandy Fins

#7: Jess E Pomeroy Photo

Jess E Pomerory Photo

#8: Unite. Rebuild. Enjoy

Unite. Rebuild. Enjoy. Seven3Two Clothing

Please list here if you know of any other foundations or links!