Kelly Slater Wins Wave of the Winter on Pipe Bomb

Posted: Mar 24,2014 Written by  TSV

Slater on the bomb that won him Wave of the Winter. Credit: Bruno Lemos

March 23, 2014 - Eleven time ASP Champ Kelly Slater put yet another notch in his already excessively punctured belt this year, by earning himself both the Oakley Wave of the Winter Award and the Clif Bar Overall Performance Award for this year's North Shore winter season in Hawaii.

He is the first person to win both awards in the same season, and has been given a couple of pretty hefty checks for his efforts. ($10 for Overall Performance and $25k for Wave of the Winter.)

Kelly's Wave of the Winter ride is certainly an impressive display of critical surfing. A super deep, late take off. Hands free on his backside. As well as maintaining his footing despite a spit over the reef that fires him out like an over-powdered cannon.

...Will Kelly be able to claim his 12th ASP Title this year? And will he retire if he does..?