Occy’s Got a Wave Pool!

Posted: Oct 31,2018 Written by 

wave pool surf lakes occys waveSurf Lakes can pump out 2,400 waves an hour! - Photo: YouTube

Another wave pool?! Yeah they’re coming thick and fast now, the wave pool race is really cranking up a notch! So the latest creation is coming out of Australia, where ex-pro surfers like Joel Parkinson, Mark Occhilupo, and Barton Lynch are all getting behind it.

Here’s a little video courtesy of Stab Magazine with Occy, Connor O'Leary, and Dean Morrison actually surfing it, along with some of the guys behind this new wave pool explaining a little more about how it works…

Stab meets Surf Lakes!

Details on the ground are still a little thin, it’s still in the prototype stage after all, but the name seems to be Surf Lakes. Also, a big selling point for this particular iteration of wave pool is that it offers multiple waves. They're calling it 5 Wave technology, because with each drop of the plunger a variety of waves suited for different abilities are created. Sounds great huh!

For their first go it looks like a damn good effort, and seeing what comes next is going to be very interesting. Watch everyone on their first day of trying out the waves in this next video, they’re all looking pretty stoked…

Surf Lakes first promo video!

American Wave Machines, with their PerfectSwell machine that is being worked day and night down in Waco at the BSR Cable Park, should probably take notice. The same goes for Kelly Slater’s Surf Ranch, but who is going to win in the end?