Real Surf Trips Jamaica

Posted: Jun 16,2016

Real Surf Trips, known for it’s all-inclusive surfing packages in Costa Rica, is pleased to announce the opening of a new location in Jamaica. The Real Surf Trips team has scoped out the region and have found what they are known for in Costa Rica finding uncrowded surf conditions and beautiful locations.

Jamaica is not well known for its surfing due to the location of the populated areas. Developers built up resorts and vacation rentals in calmer waters leaving the more exposed areas, which are perfect for surfing, undeveloped leaving the surfing beaches untouched. This offers surfers the opportunity to surf great waves in uncrowded conditions.

The Real Surf Trips Jamaica team caters to both experienced surfers who want to advance their skills as well as beginner surfers who want to learn how to surf in an exciting new location. The locations the team has chosen offers a variety of breaks for all levels.

Bob Witty, Co-Founder and CEO of Real Surf Trips says, “We’re stoked to bring our level of high quality surf trips to Jamaica. We’ve secured an amazing local team, great accommodations and are committed to providing the same great customer service as we already do in Costa Rica.

There is also a new element being added to the Real Surf Trips surf package the Jamaican culture. A key component of a surf vacation in Jamaica is the friendly, laid back lifestyle of the people. Real Surf Trips is not only providing an exclusive location and the best possible surf, they also give their customers the opportunity to immerse themselves in the Jamaican way of life its music, food and warm, stunning environment.

Luke Williams, Director of Services in Jamaica says, “I’m excited to collaborate with Real Surf Trips here and look forward to our new venture. Our guides will do all it takes to get you on the best waves for your level and experience the culture and music of our beautiful country.”

For more information and to learn about Real Surf Trips Jamaican surf adventures, please visit the Real Surf Trips web site