Remembering Jay Adams in 8 Images

Posted: Aug 18,2014 Written by  TSV

As almost everyone has heard by now, surfer and modern skateboard pioneer Jay Adams passed away on August 14, 2014. To commemorate his legacy, here's a short 8 photo stack that best personifies Adams.

adams .cr-stecyk

Photo: Stecyk

adams2 new-retro-wave

Photo: Stecyk


 adams3 new-retro-wave2

Photo: Stecyk

adams4 new-retro-wave3

Photo: New Retro Wave

adams5 the-unique-creatures

Photo: Friedman

adams6 beat5rhyme5andlife

Photo: Stecyk

adams7 espn

Photo: Steele/ESPN

adams8 pepwilliams

Photo: Pep Williams