The Wavegarden Cove – A New Generation Surf Facility Producing 1000 Waves per Hour

Posted: May 11,2017 Written by  Wavegarden

Filipe Toldo at Wavegarden Cove Felipe Toledo tucks into a hollow one - Photo: © Wavegarden

Imagine a surf spot far from the ocean, with a variety of amazing peaks where surfers can safely catch as many waves as they can handle. This vision is now a reality thanks to the Wavegarden Cove, which generates up to 1000 high quality waves per hour, from mellow knee-high rides to powerful barreling waves reaching up to 2.4m

Wavegarden has built a demo model at their R&D center in Spain measuring just 50m x 80m that has been creating waves non-stop since October 2016 – proof that it’s possible to make a great surf spot in a relatively small space. Controlled by sophisticated software, this innovative system is able to produce a wide variety of left and right-hand waves, and at maximum frequency can pump out a wave every 4 seconds. The Wavegarden Cove is designed to be economically profitable as a stand-alone facility, and can be up-scaled to produce waves of just about any height and length.

Wavegarden Cove 1Those waves just keep on comin' - Photo: © Wavegarden

“The high wave frequency of the Cove enables a high user capacity, which is essential for surfers wanting to catch lots of waves as well as for developers seeking to establish a sound business model,” explains Wavegarden’s Founder and CEO, Josema Odriozola. “The versatility of our technology means we can alter wave height, shape and power in an instant to match the experience level of all surfers. Also, we can adjust the number of waves to cater precisely for the number of surfers in the water.”

Twenty of the world’s best surfers and coaches, along with numerous juniors and debutants, have tested the Wavegarden Cove and all have been left in awe of its capabilities. “It has really, really exceeded any expectations I had, or thought were possible, for a man-made wave,” said Andy King, a high-performance surf coach for the Australian Institute of Sport. King was joined by top professionals including Gabriel Medina, Sebastian Zietz, Matt Wilkinson, and Josh Kerr, each of whom rode literally hundreds of waves per session. “As a coach, to have the opportunity where you have non-stop waves with different kinds of sections, it’s pretty much a fantasy land,” added King.

Wavegarden 2Imagine being able to practice airs over and over again! - Photo: © Wavegarden

The result of years of computational fluid dynamics research, the Wavegarden Cove’s patented bathymetry creates multiple surf areas and allows currents to circulate without impacting the quality of subsequent waves. "The wave is really good, it's very similar to waves in the ocean," expressed the 2014 world surfing champion Gabriel Medina, who has tested Wavegarden's demo facility in the Basque Country a handful of times since 2009.

Now watch the Wavegarden Cove in action!

The Wavegarden Cove is available in a range of different models distinguishable by their maximum wave height and length, although the shape and size of facilities are fully customizable. While smaller versions are compact enough to fit in resorts, shopping complexes and private residences, larger facilities can incorporate additional play and swimming areas to significantly increase user capacity.

The length of ride invariably depends on the dimensions of the facility, but on average the wave-riding experience lasts between 15 and 20 seconds, which is considerably longer than at most popular ocean breaks. Much longer rides are possible in larger facilities.

Wavegarden Cove 3This is no novelty wave - Photo: © Wavegarden

This new technology marks a departure from standard foil systems. The machinery is modular, eschewing complicated hydraulic or pneumatic systems in favor of a smart and robust electro-mechanical design. Consequently, very little energy is lost in the transmission of forces, which keeps running costs at a minimum and makes the Wavegarden Cove the most energy-efficient technology on the market today. Moreover, the Cove comes with a full range of business and operational solutions, ensuring its appeal as a highly profitable investment built around surfing and its attractive beach lifestyle.

Wavegarden Cove 4Doesn’t this look fun… - Photo: © Wavegarden

With two Wavegarden facilities already open to the public (Surf Snowdonia in Wales and NLand in Texas) and with the construction of new projects starting soon in Barcelona, Madrid, Costa del Sol, Edinburgh, Bristol, London, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, New York, Miami, Santiago, Marrakesh, and Tel Aviv, this evolution both consolidates Wavegarden’s position as market leader and epitomizes the Wavegarden ideology of sharing the exhilarating experience of surfing perfect waves with everyone, everywhere.