Tony G. on storm damage, roundup of more relief efforts

Posted: Nov 24,2012 Written by  Shelby Stanger /

Tony Giordano of Ocean Hut in Lavallette, New Jersey in a photo taken before the storm.
Tony Giordano of Ocean Hut in Lavallette, New Jersey in a photo taken before the storm.

Tony Giordano “Tony G” of Ocean Hut in New Jersey was caught right in the eye of Hurricane Sandy when the storm hit. He called me this week to catch me up on what happened, and to tell me how supportive members of the surf industry have been to him and his family. 

Despite losing three of his cars after the eye of the storm passed over, having his house completely flood, having to get rescued with his wife and son by the state police in a rescue boat, and having his shop completely looted the day after the storm passed, Tony was incredibly optimistic. 

“First off I am very thankful for all the support I have gotten from the surf industry and all the people since the storm has happened,” he said. “I’ll take that energy to rebuild Ocean Hut as good as it has been and it will continue to be that landmark business that it has been for the last 37 years.”

“My family and I are safe. We are in the great hands of Kevin Casey, a surfer, and even though we are banged up, the building and sign still stand and we will rebuild Ocean Hut as fast as we can. We are hoping to get back into our home in one month. I still have seven insurance companies to deal with and have only been allowed back into my store for 60 minutes, but I am trying to stay as positive as possible.

“The surf industry has just been so helpful. Bob Hurley called me right as the storm was hitting to check on me, my Oakley rep drove down with a generator recently and I have had multiple calls from Bob Hurley, Bob McKnight, Paul Naude and Richard Woolcott. 

The support from the surf industry has really given me the lift I need to carry on, and I am incredibly grateful to them.”

Lots of companies and stores are getting involved in relief efforts. Here is a roundup of some efforts underway.

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